Take Control and Take Charge of Procrastination

For most of us, procrastination is a word we use with flippant disregard for the effect it has on us.  We laugh and joke about how we wished we had done this or we wished we had done that, when in actual fact we did not wish anything, we regret not having done those things but hide our subconscious disappointment with humor.

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of Dreams the world has ever had and it is… hang on, wait a second.  This sounds very much like a doomsday scenario.  Actually come to think of it, it’s not that bad.

Let me explain.

We all have those moments in our lives when we look back on times and say we wish we had done something and that’s ok.  While you still have breath in your lungs you have time.

I wrote a book called The Business Procrastinator for exactly this reason.  I have taught, developed, and learned so much and yet a lot of it I have not used in my own life. I had always wanted to write a book.  In fact, I have another Fantasy novel I have been working on for over 30 years now (Yes, I know, Don’t judge me).  Yet last year during COVID lockdown I realized that if I did not do something about my Bucket List No# 28 dream of being an author, it would never happen. 

So I decided to write.  I got up each night around 11.30 pm and wrote something, anything to fill at least one page.  I soon found myself veering away from the Fantasy novel (again) and writing down lessons I had learned and taught over the years.  I soon realized I have the makings of a good book.  From there it was a matter of self-control and staying focused till I had achieved the end result.  I really think a book is a great tool for people and it’s full of ideas, tips, tricks, and thoughts that I have used over my career.

One important tip in the book I bring up is to Take Control and Take Charge.

On page 220 I talk about the key to taking control of your destiny and your results is to become a person of responsibility. Meaning, you recognize in your life that you are responsible, and have always been responsible, for the outcome. In doing so, there is a tremendous amount of freedom and peace.

Not only do you realize that in being responsible are you in control, but you are no longer victim to circumstance, other people, or chance.

You have the opportunity to create your results. Win or lose, it is completely up to you.

Taking control of our results is a direct result of accepting responsibility. There is power in knowing what we achieve, or don’t achieve, is a direct result of the actions we take. In this is there is freedom and the reality that we can truly achieve whatever it is we focus on.

As Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich,

“Anything the mind of a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”

Accepting full responsibility for our results allows us to become creative, dynamic, and focused on exactly what we want, not what we don’t want. We recognize success in our failures, learn from our mistakes and move proactively on. The person who is personally responsible is solution-focused and empowered.

The choice is yours.  Its in your hands.  Don’t let the big P get in your way.  Aim for the goal and take the steps (even if they are small) to achieve it.

Remember that Procrastination is just a 15 letter word if you let it be.

Ok you can go now.

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