How To Make Your Home Office More Productive

If you work remotely, the central part of your work-life happens in your home office. For some this space may be synonymous with their kitchen table. But this is probably neither the most comfortable nor productive setting.

Setting up a proper home office will ensure that you get your work done without distractions. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of remote work such as lower stress levels, saving money on gas and transport, and not having to stick to a rigid schedule.

When looking to define the perfect workspace, think about everything that you know puts you in a productive mood. Perhaps it’s inspirational quotes, a certain playlist, or a well-organized desk.  Whatever it may be, keep in mind to include it along with these tips on how to make your home office more productive.

Find the right spot for your home office

While your home may not actually offer the perfect office space you envisioned, surely you can find the right spot to create one that is good enough.

Look for a space that is out of trafficked areas in the house, preferably separated from resting areas such as the bedroom. It needs to provide enough room for you to comfortably set up your desk and everything else needed.

A good home office will let plenty of natural light in. But if that’s not possible, make sure to invest in a good set of warm light lamps, as you want this area to be as welcoming as possible. It has to feel inviting and make you want to spend several hours a day in it without feeling trapped or inadvertently hurting your eyesight.

If the ideal amount of space isn’t available, invest in room dividers and good storage equipment to help you keep the place as neat as possible.

Invest in proper technology and equipment for your home office

Imagine having an important video conference canceled because your internet speed is unable to handle it, or your computer being so slow it takes you an hour just to go through a few emails and files.

These sorts of situations are unacceptable when you’re aiming to be professional. So before setting up your home office, make sure to invest in the right technology and equipment to enjoy a productive workflow.

Make your home office comfortable

It’s very hard to be productive when you’re constantly adjusting your sitting position, so make sure to invest in a desk and chair that are comfortable enough for you to spend several hours a day glued to. Maybe even consider a standing desk? These can be useful to reduce back pain while improving your mood and energy levels.

The right desk should have enough space for you to fit in everything needed throughout your workday. And an ergonomic chair combined with dedicated input peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse and an anti glare screen can do wonders for your health and productivity.

Leave room for distractions

Taking short breaks throughout the day is a much-needed refreshment that can actually help sustain your workflow. So remember to leave some room for distractions when setting up your home office.

Light exercise equipment, a beloved instrument, or a library filled with books can be tremendously useful to wipe out brain fog. It can also provide a much-needed boost to your workday.

Keep these at hand, but tucked away enough so that you don’t end up spending too much time on them instead of actually working.

Declutter your home office and organize often

Nothing harms your mental state more than a messy, cluttered space. Avoid this by keeping everything, from your desk to the floor, properly clean and organized.

Make it a habit to regularly purge your office from anything unnecessary such as old receipts and paper piles, coffee cups, knickknacks, and anything else that doesn’t actually serve a purpose.

Your home office is a space for you to be able to work in, not an improvised storage room. So better keep it that way.

Home Office TipsDecorating a home office

Having a home office means you have full creative freedom when it comes to decorating.

Take advantage of it by using boards to set up a calendar, important reminders, or to-do lists. Paint the walls a nice, soothing color – green is said to be great for productivity.,

Put up a few plants or a nice rug and hang some fine artwork or inspirational quotes if that’s your thing. The idea is for you to create a space that you actually want to sit in for several hours a day.

Make sure to leave the home office every now and then

Though the idea of this whole post is to give you the tools to make your home office more productive, don’t forget stepping out for fresh air is key to your productivity as well.

When your home is also your workspace it can be hard to find the time to leave, but doing so helps avoid burnout and feelings of isolation, especially if you live alone.

Take your lunch break outside. Move from your desk to a local coffee shop for one afternoon or schedule a walk around the park sometime during the day. These little changes  will provide some refreshing space for your mind to wander, thereby increasing creativity and clearing up brain fog.

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  1. I like how you’ve mentioned that employees who are working from home must find a spot that is out of traffic areas for their workspace. You also made a pretty good point that they must opt for an internet that is fast enough to handle high net usage. From my point of view, I think it would be best for them to rent a computer as well since this is more convenient compared to using a laptop.

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