4 Ways to Save On Your Small Business VoIP System

Obtaining the right features for your VoIP phone system without breaking the bank was once a huge challenge for small to mid-sized companies. However, business owners now have more service options than ever before. There are many easy ways to cut costs on your next VoIP purchase. Utilize these 4 opportunities to save on your business phone system:

1. Lease Your System

Before start your shopping process, create a list of the features you absolutely need to run your business and establish a budget. Researching these two areas before you begin shopping will make purchase decisions easier. If your small business is in the startup phase of operation, leasing would be a great option since it offers a low initial investment. You are free to use resources in other areas of your business while still benefiting from a professional VoIP system. Leasing is also a great option because there is increased flexibility with equipment. As new technology comes available your business could integrate it with your current contract with little to no extra costs. However, when leasing phones you ultimately do not own the system and after your contract ends the phones must be returned. This can either be an opportunity to get updated equipment or scale your system as your small business grows.

2. Bundle Services

It used to be common for businesses to laboriously hunt for a provider that met their phone needs. Ten years ago you might have decided upon three different vendors for VoIP system. However, most business phone system providers now offer comprehensive packages. When shopping for your next unified communications system try bundling your services to save money. If you purchase the equipment, wiring, and installation all from the save vendor you are likely to receive a discount.

3. Enterprise Mobility

One of the most attractive features of VoIP for small companies is that it keeps professionals out in the field. More and more employees are interested in working remotely such as from home, at the job site, or from another branch office. With VoIP, employees can have calls forwarded to their cell phones, enabling them to maintain a connection with the office phone system and customers regardless of their locations. Enterprise Mobility cuts down on unnecessary phone equipment, hardware, and ultimately overhead costs.

4. Inspect the Warranty  

As a small business owner the last thing you want to do is worry about is your phone system. Read the fine print before signing a contract with any unified communication service provider. Analyze your warranty policy and determine how long it will last, if maintenance repairs are included, and if it covers the entire system or just one part. Warranties can be tricky to decipher and being well informed before an issue occurs will save you money and time long term.

All VoIP systems can be customized and developed for your small business’ needs. Don’t let the idea of purchasing a phone system overwhelm you! Conducting research on the process will help to save money and get you back to managing your company.

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