iOffice: A Facility Manager’s Smartest Tool

Today’s most productive and efficient offices don’t look like they did a few years ago. Employers are bringing down the walls between workers and making the workplace more mobile. But staying relevant and profitable as a facility manager is no easy feat—and it’s one that requires investments in the operational aspects of your company in order to stay competitive and run your office smarter. It’s no longer just about the building—it’s about the people within it and their productivity and happiness. That’s where iOffice comes in.

iOffice is a real-time software application that helps facility managers do their jobs in a way that’s cohesive with the changing dynamics of today’s office environment. From day to day operations to long-term planning, this software is about enhancing productivity and ultimately raising your bottom line.

iOffice has ten modules built specifically for facility management, and they can be modified to your business’s specific needs. It’s easy to use, and takes minimal training in order to operate, even for non-technical users. But don’t let that fool you: this tool is a complex engine that does the hard thinking for you. It’s designed to be compellingly intuitive.

Nowadays, facility managers can’t just be managers anymore — they’re expected to be marketers and communications specialists, too. iOffice strives to make this transition as easy as possible. Our nationally-recognized team of experts is committed to bringing you new ideas and new technology to help propel you forward in today’s competitive market. For starters, it automates mailrooms, copy and print production services, file rooms, and inventory management.  Delays, wrong deliveries and lost items can officially become part of the past. Other modules allow employees to book office space remotely, facilitate the easy coordination of maintenance tasks and track and identify office visitors. With Benefits of these simple fixes include higher productivity, lower operating costs, and increased margins.

But how does it work?First, you’ll meet with our team to review the systems currently in place. We work with you to try to understand why you’re using a particular process and what value it brings to your company’s operations. Once we understand the intrinsic value current systems have on the organization’s facilities management, we’re better able to adapt our IWMS to meet your core goals.

Once we have a good understanding of your organization’s status, we do a thorough operational analysis to understand current efficiencies. Is there room to cut out redundancy? Is there information and data already being collected that we can leverage? This will help us decide if it’s in your company’s best interest to continue using any current systems.

Next comes the implementation process, which iOffice believes to be the most important step. In order to obtain maximum value and ease of use from an integrated wpm/fm system, iOffice strives to understand the unique needs and personality of each company. This way, we can seamlessly fit the iOffice portal into your environment. We want to eliminate redundancy and maximize the systems already installed. But we also want to make it easier to access and analyze accurate, real-time data about your organization. This begins with a thorough workflow analysis, in which we gain an understanding of other systems and stakeholders involved and of on-going reporting requirements. This information allows us to configure the portal according to your specific needs.

And this ability to easily adapt to your organization doesn’t end when implementation is over, but should continue on an on-going basis. So we will then begin creating a process for integrating our solution into what already is established.

Once all the data is in the iOffice system, we configure the IWMS to each client’s processes and workflows. We strive to keep our clients up to date and informed throughout this process to ensure it meets their expectations, but we take on all the hard work so they don’t have to.  The Site configuration process can be completed in 90 days if data is efficiently captured and the customer works closely with us to validate and approve workflows.

At iOffice, we know that an effective IWMS is an easy to use IWMS. And since our solution is so intuitive, most operational users are already actively using the system at the end of implementation and need minimal training. However, iOffice also provides on-line training and user guides as well as a customer support desk that is available to answer how-to questions or respond to issues at any time.

Today, iOffice has over 1,300 clients throughout the US, UK and Canada, representing industries including financial, retail, pharmaceuticals, education, energy, manufacturing, technology, healthcare and legal. It’s the best thing in-the-know facility managers can do to easily and effectively serve their companies.

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