LinkedIn Tips for Small Business

LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform for businesses, job seekers and those looking to build and expand professional connections. It has immense potential as a marketing and promotional tool. When you get the hang of LinkedIn, your business will be receiving the exposure it longed for.

It’s time for you to utilize LinkedIn and start promoting your business and build valuable relationships that will help your business flourish.

Completely Fill Out Your LinkedIn Profile

This is by far the most important and often overlooked by small businesses using LinkedIn. You want people to know exactly what your business is about, and what you offer.

Be incredibly thorough when filling out all fields of information. Ask yourself, ‘if you were a potential customer, what information would I want and seek?’

Answer that question for yourself. Don’t be afraid to invite friends or family and ask them to go through your LinkedIn profile. Is there something they notice that might be missing. Always get a second opinion. You may often overlook the obvious.

Professional Headshot Photo

No, I don’t mean have a professional photographer take a picture for your profile. Although if you go down that route, it wouldn’t hurt. You may choose to use a logo, that’s typical of a business LinkedIn profile.

Make sure that the picture is clear and clean. Now if you are in the profile image, dress to impress and be presentable. Think of the picture as the first impression of your business. Potential clients will associate the first impressions to the quality of business you conduct.

Linkedin Professsional Summary

Spend some time writing a professional summary that will really impress the reader. Make sure it’s clear and concise and that you reiterate all the positives of your business or the enterprise.

Use simple and descriptive language. Inform the reader of what opportunities and benefits you offer that others may not. Stick to the point and don’t stray off topic.

LinkedIn Ads

If you weren’t aware of this, you can utilize LinkedIn ads for your business. This may be more efficient and cost friendly to you. With the way the ads work on LinkedIn, you will target your demographic at lot more effectively. Since most people that use LinkedIn are very descriptive on their profiles, the ads will utilize that information to your advantage and hone in on your key demographic.


When trying to network on LinkedIn, the search function is very useful to specify the types of individuals you want your business to connect with. Don’t be frugal with your filter selection. Be specific with who and what you want to target as this will greatly increase the chances of making worthwhile connections with the right people.

Avoid Auto-Posting

Auto-posting does have its uses at times, but you should really consider disabling this feature on LinkedIn. Try and keep the fluff of your social media pages off of your business LinkedIn account. Share and post content that is relevant to your business and the people you want to connect with.


Keep your connections informed of anything new that is going on in your business. Don’t hesitate to post new projects you are working on, or a new lineup of products you’re about launch.

Make yourself heard. People enjoy being informed of new opportunities that are presented. If you have the right connections that reflect your target demographic, you will see positive changes in your conversion rate.

Interactions With Current Linkedin Users

Don’t be afraid to talk to your current users. Touch base with them and see how they are liking your products or services. See if you can get some testimonials from your customers.

When people talk about you, it will attract even more attention. Now their connections have their eyes on you too.


Don’t be lazy, take advantage of this function that you have at your disposal. Getting personal with people not only pays off in real life, but on social media too!

Avoid making universal messages that you just copy paste and send. If time allows, look through people’s LinkedIn profiles and see how you can best approach the InMail that will be sent to them.

For example, if you notice something that the person or people interact with somehow relates to your business, bring it up in the InMail. Let them know you are interested in them and you have something in common. They will surely be more inclined to hear you out.

Go Out and Make LinkedIn Connections

Well we covered some great information on how to best utilize your LinkedIn account effectively. You can get so much out of this social media tool to really give your business a marketing boost.

As all things, it could take some time to get used to the small intricacies of the platform.  With a little bit of time, some effort, and keeping these tips in mind, your LinkedIn business page will definitely get noticed.

Have a look at your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score, and check to see how these tips help improve your performance on this social media page.

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