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blogging tipsMany business owners want to blog, setting aside time from their busy day to get some writing done. They sit down at the computer filled with good intentions. Fingertips poised above the keyboard and eager to pound those keys. They’re ready to work, yet there they sit. At that moment, all ideas have escaped them. The longer they wait, the more frustrated they become. Rest assured we’ve all been there; we know how it feels.

To combat just those very moments, I created a list that I share with my clients and assistants. It helps take the stress and struggle out finding a topic for blogging. Keep it on hand, and close to the computer, for just such days.

The list starts with the simplest, at your fingers resources, so as not make you stretch too far. Then it recommends bolder actions and finally some surprising ideas that people seem to love.

So Easy You Don’t Even Have to Leave Your Computer

  • Go to You Tube. Starting to watch videos is a great way to get ideas.
  • You can also check out Ezine articles They’re always good for some new or rehashed concepts that you could put your own spin on.
  • Browse Medium for cutting edge ideas and opinions.
  • Search Amazon for bestselling book titles.
  • Read other people’s blogs. This is really an easy one and maybe it was so obvious that it escaped you. I invite you to check out mine for ideas.
  •  Check out current events. Always so much going on that could easily benefit from your commentary.

If None of the Above Works, Dig a Bit Deeper.

  • Scan Social Media. Surely, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc. will have something awesome for you to write about.
  • Linked In even has an experts section.
  • Search Internet – Find topics that might interest your readers.

Getting More Aggressive

It’s time to take the bull by the horns. Get down and dirty and make those blog ideas sing.

  • Grab a magazine. What wonders can be found within those glossy pages. Lots of ideas to stimulate your mind are between these covers.
  • Pick up the phone. Talking to people, which is considered very old fashioned, is actually a valuable approach. The best part of this that the business owner might actually snare a new client by opening up to a conversation. Keep in mind that this is the whole reason to write a blog in the first place.
  • Open a book. I know it’s surprising but there are lots of ideas decorating those pages.
  • This one is really a blast from the past… You could visit the library. Extreme I know but if all else fails it might still be an option.
  • Another idea is to turn on the TV or radio.  You know, as a last resort…

Some Revolutionary and Fun Options

  • Take a moment to just relax. I know it’s a crazy idea for an entrepreneur.
  • This section even gets more bizarre. Light candles, fill up the tub with hot water and slide in. Yes, I’m recommending taking a bath. You’d be shocked at how many people get great ideas while in the tub. Let me just say, many more people than are willing to admit it. While in the bath, let your mind wander. After a few minutes of peace the ideas will float into your brain. If the bath idea won’t work…
  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Hop on the bike.
  • Jump on the treadmill.

Nothing stimulates the mind to get creative like getting out of the office. In fact, it’s a good idea to schedule outdoor excursions at least one a day, right there in your calendar. Exercise is good too. Any activity that increases the circulation is a winner when it comes to stimulating brain function.

  • Meditation is the secret of world class thinkers. If it’s good enough for them, it should be worth your time and effort. As few as three minutes of meditation, three times a day, have been proven to greatly enhance an entrepreneur’s success.

Know Yourself

One of the things that really helps me generate loads of solutions to any challenge and fuel my brain to come up with ideas is a quick spin around the mall. It has nothing to do with shopping. I think it’s all the colors assaulting my senses. It engages my idea generating mechanism and shifts it into overdrive.

I’m not saying that a field trip to the mall will work for you. It very well might not. What I am saying here is that I know that about myself. I recommend that you get to know yourself well enough to know what gets your wheels turning and gets your mind shooting out ideas like a salad spinner. Once you have this down pat, you really won’t need much help with what to blog about… But if you do, you’ll have the list right there, by your computer.

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  1. A starting place of writing ideas is one of the most invaluable tools. This one’s excellent — and works for entrepreneurs, bloggers or teenagers reluctant to write. These techniques are all easy access — some standard and sensible, others a bit outside the box for those wanting a bit more adventurous ideas, and others that we take completely for granted… like a bath or a walk in the woods. This list is great! I particularly love the bath thing, too because I teach about how ideas work and baths, bike rides, jogs and brushing teeth are all frequent places for ideas and inspiration to hit! I’m sending this list to teachers I know, putting one up on my own computer and another in my classroom! Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Aynne, for you thumbs up. I appreciate the thought that went into your comment. I find that when we take our minds off the task at hand, the ideas usually flow.
      I’m happy that this helped and hope others find value in it as well.

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