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Roderick Reed

About Roderick Reed

It’s no surprise that Roderick developed an interest in design at an early age , having grown up in a family of creative people. “I can’t tell you how many times I redecorated my room as a child. It wasn’t until much later that I realized what the career options were.” After studying design in Southern California he opened his own design firm in 2000. He accepts a wide range of projects from offices to residential homes, which he decorates in a style he describes as “Casually Sophisticated” Sophisticated in a purely Southern California way. REEDesign decorates from traditional to contemporary. His styles could include English antiques residing artfully among bamboo and tikis. REEDesign is “The Elegantly Ordered but Casual Lifestyle.” And what would his dream project be? “Building a house from scratch with my own hands, making ideas come to life has always appealed to me.” Rod lives in Laguna Beach California with his wife Kathy and two sons. You can contact Rod to help you stage or decorate your home by visiting his website