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John Runne

About John Runne

John Runne is a seasoned business adviser with over thirty years of experience in advising Fortune 1000 companies and their CEOs on strategy and corporate planning. Mr. Runne’s experience includes engagements with a host of leading public and private companies where he served multiple times as Chairman of Strategic Advisory Councils and boards devising and driving corporate strategic objectives. Mr. Runne has also advised and been actively involved in events leading to acquisitions and sales of companies. He has guided multi-billion organizations on their respective marketing, packaging and positioning of brand products. Mr. Runne has provided strategic counsel at the CEO and board level for both public and private companies through the M&A process, required restructuring activities and hostile takeover events. Mr. Runne’s deep experience in corporate consulting at the CEO, executive and board level has provided the foundation for establishing significantly effective and unique team building events. These events are structured for actual team interaction in the creation of a unified group outcome. As an advisor to CEOs of companies of varying size, Mr. Runne has established a role he calls “Corporate Priest.” The Corporate Priest enables a CEO to embark on a free flow of confidential conversation that, at the time, might not be ready for discussions with the board or executive team members. Mr. Runne examines thoughts and plans with a level of experience and understanding that imparts valuable feedback and advice.