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Bill Aimone

About Bill Aimone

Fifteen years ago, Bill Aimone joined the partnership of Deloitte Consulting. One of the perks of being a partner at the world’s largest professional services firm was having a hotline access to IT support. Time was money for the partners and ensuring immediate access to IT assistance was paramount. Fast forward 8 years and Bill left Deloitte to co-found Trenegy, a management consulting firm. Finding IT help for the cadre of consultants at Trenegy was difficult. After frustrating cycles through various managed services firms and frazzled independent IT guys, IT support was brought in-house. The epiphany came as we thought, “what if we had an on-demand IT support model for small businesses? Then small businesses can get the same level of support only afforded by Big 4 partners at a lower price!" This epiphany was the genesis of EVAN®. Today, Trenegy and many other small businesses are getting the IT support they deserve.