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Aaron Young

About Aaron Young

Aaron Young has been the CEO of Laughlin Associates for almost 20 years. Under his direction, Laughlin has served more than 80,000 business owners across a wide range of industries. A strategic-thinking partner, Aaron knows what works and what does not. Clients consult Aaron for his expertise in eliminating the mistakes and maximizing the successes of their business. Aaron is an industry leader in complex areas such as corporate structuring, asset management and protection, growth strategies, partnership issues, corporate leadership and corporate compliance. A riveting and knowledgeable keynote and breakout speaker who speaks directly to the goals and challenges of entrepreneurs as only another business owner can, Aaron has addressed entrepreneurial and business audiences for major players in global trading and finance. He is in high demand for his expertise on asset-protection tax planning and is noted for his signature speech, Building Your Corporate Fortress. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100,000 people on four continents.