Crowdfund Your Startup! Raising Venture Capital Using New Crowdfunding Techniques

This is the first definitive book covering crowdfunding for startups using the recent JOBS Act.

Crowdfund Your Startup! Raising Venture Capital Using New CrowdFunding Techniques

has 5 parts.

    1. How Crowdfunding works, which includes a detailed commentary of the JOBS Act with the annotated text of the act, has suggestions on which types of companies would best suit crowdfunding, and explains how crowdfunding could fit into the universe of startup funding.
    2. Setting up a company worth funding, which deals with: building the team, matching products to customers, profitability, and getting the formal structure right.
    3. Raising the Cash includes valuation and deciding the critical target funding threshold, choice of funding portal and brokers, and, most importantly, marketing to investors.
    4. You have the Cash – Now What? This section deals with building value and managing expectations, talking to investors, raising the next round, and reaching the liquidity event. Finally,
    5. The Future for Crowdfunding for Startups which covers speculations on how to accelerate the capital-raising process, opportunities for service providers, and considers disaster scenarios.

Rupert Hart, the author, is experienced in raising venture capital, investing in startups, and in stock trading, at E*Trade. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, the leading business school. His previous book “Recession Storming” was published a year before the recession was announced and remained #1 on for books on the subject of recession for 3 years.


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